The Bigbelly Waste & Recycling Solution


A Solution for Every Corner

The Bigbelly smart system comprises of modular components that enable the deployment of customised waste, recycling, and compost stations that meet the needs of each client and location. At the core of the Bigbelly solution is the cloud based CLEAN Management software which delivers actionable information derived from real-time and historical data collected.

Whether a street bin needs to be emptied or not has historically been a guessing game. Two options are typically employed:-

  1. Collect to ensure there are no overflows – This raises costs, is not efficient or productive and leads to more garbage trucks on the road than necessary
  2. Hope the waste bin can make it another day – Despite being more cost effective, this can lead to overflowing bins, pests and public complaints

This age-old conundrum is removed from operations with a Bigbelly deployment. The world has come a long way in the modernization of technology and core services such as waste management now benefits from these advances.

Bigbelly Compactor

The Bigbelly Compactor takes up the same “footprint” as an ordinary street bin – but because of its compaction capability it can hold up to eight times more waste.

Outdoor compacting units use solar power for 100% of its energy needs whilst indoor compacting units draw power from an inbuilt battery that is drip charged by an AC connection.  A fully charged battery can run approximately 500 compactions.

The Bigbelly Solar compactor consists of a solar panel, which powers a 12V battery, which in turns provides the power for the internal compactor. Two internal sensors within the bin trigger the compaction, the force being equivalent to two grown men pressing down on the trash.

Owing to its unique compaction capability, each compactor can hold as much as 750 litres of waste, which is as much as eight times greater than the average street bin in Singapore.

Benefits of the Bigbelly Compactor

  • Proven to reduce street bin collections by an average 86% and reduce bin collection costs by up to 70%
  • Increases the capacity by as much as 8 times that of a normal street bin
  • Each unit notifies you when it needs to be emptied via email or SMS
  • Real time fill levels of each unit can be monitored using a PC or handheld device
  • Eliminates overflowing bins and birds/vermin
  • Reduces the rate of decomposition of trash as the hopper limits air circulation
  • Can power sensors that read CO2 emissions, pedestrian traffic, weather and seismic movements

With 23,000 units deployed across 45 countries, the Bigbelly Compactor is tried, tested and is proven to deliver results

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