The Bigbelly Solution

Trials with numerous clients globally with completed business cases, have proven that Bigbelly

  • Reduces street bin collections by up to 80%
  • Lowers carbon emissions by reducing the number and size of garbage trucks on the road
  • Reduces related collection costs by up to 70%.

The benefits of the Bigbelly stations do not stop there. A wireless monitoring system is installed in each unit using a SIM card. Fill levels, collections data and other efficiency metrics can be transmitted to a personalised website or smart phone with no additional IT costs.

Real time bin fill levels can now be viewed anytime eliminating expensive “milk run” type street bin collection rounds. Users can also cater for changing conditions on the ground such as special events, seasonal usage and growth areas. Bigbelly solutions are proven to increase recycling rates too.

With over 23,000 Bigbelly bins deployed across 100 cities in 45 countries, the solution is tried, tested and is proven to work no matter what the weather and environment.

Bigbelly leverages the power of cloud computing