Resource Optimisation

Increasing Productivity

Servicing public waste & recycling locations is a resource intensive operation. Two options typically exist:-

  1. Keep excess resources to over-collect thereby ensuring no problem areas. Given the manpower shortages that exist in Singapore today, this is increasingly hard to do.
  2. Keep a lean labour force and limit collections but run the risk of overflowing bins, pests and litter problems that increase public complaints.

With the Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling System, the guesswork is replaced by just-in-time collections. This means  labour can be diverted to other pressing needs such as beautification, expansion, recycling repairs and maintenance.


Remote Monitoring and Data Analysis

The CLEAN Management Console is the go-to portal for maximum optimisation of waste management services. With each of your Bigbelly stations geotagged in CLEAN, users are able to monitor every bin from a handheld device or PC. The Clean Management Console allows a user to: –

  • Monitor real time fill levels of waste and recycling stations remotely
  • Track how often bins are emptied and how quickly they are emptied when full
  • Route plan to deploy resources such as people and garbage trucks effectively
  • Allocate bins t the areas they are needed the most based on actual data

Data allows users to make informed decisions about resource deployment and productivity. Reallocating workers’ labour hours to other recognized improvement projects that they did not have time to tackle before Bigbelly, now becomes possible.

Real-Time Data


Providing a Solution to Age Old Operational Challenges