Recycling That Works

A Truly Sustainable Program

Creating the infrastructure to monitor and service recycling locations is a challenge that most cities have been unable to tackle in scale but Bigbelly is changing this across the world.

Bigbelly is seeking to help raise recycling rates across Singapore by creating an intelligent infrastructure to support ongoing operations and free up resources to support new and expanded recycling programs. Monitoring each separate stream volumes, days to fullness, and other activities enables users to make changes where needed to create a more effective recycling program.



The Philadelphia Recycling Story

In 2009 The City of Philadelphia installed 210 recycling components as part of their city wide Bigbelly deployment. The city collected the following data highlighting the effectiveness of the new public space recycling program.

  • 210, 2-component stations with single stream recycling components placed throughout the city.
  • On average, each recycling component generated 225 lbs of recyclable commodities per month.
  • Per month, a total of 23.5 tons of material are being diverted from landfills and recycled.
  • The city is receiving $50 per ton by recycling this material and avoiding $63 in landfill tipping fees.
  • The total benefit to the city is estimated at $113 per ton, or $2599 per month.

Although the city initially deployed the Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling System to reduce operation costs, they are seeing additional monetary benefits from the introduction of public space recycling.