Custom Wraps

Your Bigbelly deployment hold incredibly valuable real estate on city streets, college campuses, parks and ports, or healthcare facilities. Leverage the existing Bigbelly hardware and transform your stations into eye-catching messaging platforms with full-color laminate wraps. We will help you with customise the look to relay public service announcements, sponsorship, advertising, and more! Anti-graffiti options are also available.

Message Panels

Do not feel tied down to a single message or graphic. If you want to change your messaging periodically, add these flexible message panels to the sides of your stations. Promote a seasonal campaign, PSA, or event… You have the flexibility in your hands!


Add your branding, convey messaging to reinforce recycling, or highlight the sponsorship/fund for the Bigbelly stations with front door stickers. An easy and cost-effective way to communicate with your community.

Combine with side message panels for a great mix of permanent and flexible messaging space.


Accommodate your users’ need for an receptacle for ash from cigarettes and cigars. Built directly into the front door of a station or added to the side as an ashtray column recepticle, the optional ashtray is made of fireproof materials as to not damage the station itself.

Security Shield

The Bigbelly Security System prevents access to Bigbelly stations and alerts authorities via email or text if a station is breached. The system saves operational time and costs by eliminating the need to remove Bigbelly stations during special events. The Bigbelly Security System consists of two components: –

Security Plates: Security Plates are installed during special events to prevent access to Bigbelly compacting or non-compacting stations. Custom graphics can be added that communicate that the stations are out of service.

Security Management Module: The Security Management Module resides within Bigbelly’s CLEAN Management Console and provides the Event Creation, Event Scheduling, Security Notifications, and the Security Dashboard.

Need help?

Where are Bigbelly stations made? Why is there a solar panel? Can they only be placed in a sunny spot? Want to learn more about Bigbelly, the components, and the system as a whole? Have other questions in mind? Reach out to us here and we’re happy to help!