Wireless Monitoring

Improving Productivity

Waste collection is a resource-intensive exercise because we have no idea whether a bin is full or not before we go to empty it. We prepare for the worst and assume that all bins are full, resulting in numerous expensive and manned garbage trucks roaming our streets half empty, causing traffic congestion and consuming fuel which in turn raises CO2 emissions.

This changes with Bigbelly’s wireless monitoring solution.  Now, collection data and bin fullness can be monitored remotely all without leaving the office.

Each station communicates via SMS to Bigbelly’s cloud-based web application called CLEAN (Collections, Logistics, Efficiencies, Alerts & Notifications).

Log on to CLEAN from your web browser or mobile device to access a variety of statuses, historical reports, real-time statistics, alerts and much more. Users can also observe:-

  • Which bins require emptying the most
  • How many times a week a bin has been emptied
  • How long it takes for a bin to be emptied once it is full
  • Whether a bin has been deployed in the most optimal location through the use of heatmaps.

The access to actionable data allows users to drive significant efficiencies into waste management processes.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

From your computer, your smartphone or via email, get the data into the hands of those who need it when they need it.

Real-Time Data

Up-to-the-minute status on which locations need to be collected – and just as importantly which ones don’t.

Historical Analysis

Track your progress as you start reducing your collection frequency and reallocate resources to other tasks.


Location-specific data to drive capacity planning activities, route optimisation and more.

Diversion Rate Reporting

Volume-based reporting on each collection point, giving you powerful data to report to constituents and stakeholders