We Check All the Boxes…

Including Others You May Have Never Thought About!

Bigbelly addresses a number of challenges faced by customers, as well as filling many needs that may not even be on the radar including the transformation of public space waste management to match the ever-connected world that we live in.

  • Saves Money
  • Reduces Litter
  • Provides Invaluable Operations Data
  • Increases Recycling
  • Conserves Fuel
  • Handles up to 8 Times More Waste
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint
  • Eliminates Waste Overflow
  • Frees Up Labor
  • Keeps Out the Pests
  • Enhances & Modernizes Core Services
  • Expands a Cities WiFi Coverage


Smart Cities: Modernising and Connecting for Customers around the World


Connected and smart, Bigbelly is playing a key role in the global Smart City evolution. Bigbelly is looking to play its part in Singapore’s journey towards achieving its goal of being a Smart Nation.

Take a peek at Smart Cities of the future from the eyes of an industry leader in the space. Keep an eye out for Bigbelly!

Turn a liability into an asset – the Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling System is a platform to communicate with your constituents about your environmental programs.

Customising stations with wraps and/or message panels provides a unique branding opportunity for your sustainability initiatives. Highly visible recycling offerings and eye-level solar also provides the perfect opportunity for community engagement.

And now thanks to Bigbelly technology, you will be able to report on your recycling diversion rate and tout the successes of your programs.




“What better venue to show everyone what New York City is doing on recycling.”

John Doherty, Commissioner of Sanitation, New York City

“It’s good for taxpayers”

Michael Bloomberg, Mayor, New York City

“Smells are contained better and the sight of the garbage is dealt with.”

Charles Klonaris, Co-Chairman of Downtown Nassau Partnership, Bahamas

“..saving your operational costs, your manpower, your trucks, you’re saving on carbon, you’re giving the proper messaging.”

Claudia Marsales, Senior Manager of Waste and Environment, Markham, Oregon

“A revolutionary step forward in managing street litter – efficient and effective”

Phil Barton, Chief Executive, Keep Britain Tidy

“Will save us a lot of time for guys to fill potholes, fix sidewalks, and do other things.”

Tim McCarthy, Principal Assistant to Commissioner of Public Works, Boston

“…recycling has almost 100-percent compliance.”

John Kowlok, Chief of Maintenance, Indiana Dunes National, Lakeshore, National Parks

“They have kept animals out of the trash, and students like to see and use them.”

Les Lawson, Manager of Campus Services, Iowa State University

Providing a Solution to Age Old Operational Challenges